BTG Loop Monitoring

Optimize your loop performance in an intuitive, user-friendly, and comprehensive way

Intuitive, user-friendly Comprehensive optimization of loop performance


Understand and tune your loop

Total efficiency is achieved by combining the individual performance of different process areas in a facility. Within each process area, dozens of loops control every process parameter – such as flow, pressure, or consistency. Consequently, optimum performance depends on the high-efficiency performance of thousands of loops simultaneously. With so many loops to monitor, it’s a challenge to determine which loops are not operating efficiently – or what actions need to be taken to restore high performance.

CONTROLtrac is looking at 4 key metrics to understand the different problems that a control loop may be suffering:

    1. Set Point Tracking – how well the process variable is controlled to the set point
    2. Disturbance – ability of a control loop to recover from disturbances
    3. Oscillation – strength and persistence of an oscillation
    4. Actuator – actuator problems causing abnormal process

A discrete logic then combines the different performance issues by type and relevance and gives an overall performance score to the loop.

CONTROLtune is an integrated tool to analyze, simulate and select loop parameters to achieve desired performance.

    • Intuitive, simple to use tool
    • Compatible with several Control Systems
    • Provides instant loop improvements
    • Industry Expert Support Available
    • Fully Integrated with dataPARC

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  • BTG’s Mütek PCD opens up new options for measurement of grain products, raw materials, additives and finished products

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