GAS-60 Gas Content Analyzer

Analyzer detecting free and dissolved gas in a papermaking process


  1. Bring foaming under control
  2. Apply the deaerator and defoamer chemicals as needed
  3. Optimize chemical dosages for better operation and cost saving
  4. Prevent from pinholes and machine deposits
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GAS-60: Gas content

Closed loop control of deaerator and defoamer chemicals

The main application of the GAS-60 Gas Analyzer is closed loop control of deaerator/defoamer chemicals in pulp and paper production. By measuring the gas content online, problems of paper machine runnability due to increased gas contents can be adjusted within a short time. In addition, online gas measurements optimize the performance of mechanical and/or chemical deaerator.

In pulp and paper suspensions two different types of gases can be found: free and dissolved gas. The washers in the brown-stock washing process are heavily influenced by foam. Air is introduced as a surfactant with the fiber and can result in several problems. The paper machine wire and leakages in piping, machine parts and pumps are the principal locations within the stock cycle where air is entrained during papermaking.

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