Single Point Charge – SPC-5500

Measurement’s for Wetend Controls


  • Cost effective solution for a compact online charge measurement
  • Allows for closed loop control of fixatives and other chemical additives
  • Easy maintenance due to a modular concept and diagnostic tool
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SPC-5500: Dissolved charge online

Otpimze your chemical additives and stabilize your wetend based on BTG’s Single Point Charge monitoring

BTG’s Single Point Charge analyzer, is an online analyzer which continuously measures the charge of colloidal dissolved substances in an aqueous sample. By automatic titration of the sample with an oppositely charged poly-electrolyte solution, it is possible to precisely quantify charge levels (cationic demand or anionic demand).

The SPC-5500 offers a modular concept with the measuring module and titration module located in a cabinet. The analyzer can be installed up to 10 m from the sampling point, max. two sampling points are possible. It can be used with or without a filtration device.

SPC cabinet and sampler

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  • BTG’s Mütek lab devices create cost savings through optimized chemical dosage and reliable, stable operation
  • A new, fast and accurate method to optimize polymer dosage for dewatering processes in ‘ effluent treatment
  • BTG’s Mütek PCD opens up new options for measurement of grain products, raw materials, additives and finished products

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