PeakTotal Total Consistency Reflection Transmitter


  • Tight control through real time results
  • Increased production
  • Low installation cost and reduced energy consumption
  • Long lifetime and low cost of operation
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TCR PeakTotal: Full range total consistency

Measure accurate consistency from pulper to machine chest

The TCR PeakTotal is a true total consistency transmitter; it is thus virtually insensitive to variations in filler and fines content as well as changes in fiber properties.

Based on BTG’s patented Peak method for optical analysis PeakTotal covers total consistencies in the range of 0.5 to 16%.

The transmitter is mounted in-line direct after the pump in the turbulent flow and provides real time results. The probe is unique low-maintenance probe, without electronic components attached which makes the transmitter insensitive to variations in temperature and vibration.

The PeakTotal offers several advanced capabilities and can be applied in most applications from the pulper to the machine chest with good results and fast payback.

As part of the new generation of easier smaller, smarter and lighter product range, the PeakTotal is designed to help you rapidly optimize the paper making process, for significant cost and productivity improvements.

TCR is available in several different versions:

    • With one output signal for total consistency or with two output signals, one for total consistency and one for ash content.
    • It is also available with or without the retraction system.

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  • A new, fast and accurate method to optimize polymer dosage for dewatering processes in ‘ effluent treatment
  • BTG’s Mütek PCD opens up new options for measurement of grain products, raw materials, additives and finished products

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