Charge – invisible but substantial for papermaking

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BTG’s solutions for charge control helps you to find the sweet spots in your process

Charge is one of the basic properties of matter that causes it to experience forces: anionic charge attracts cationic charge. In the papermaking process, anionic contaminations are eliminated with a cationic fixing agent; other cationic additives like strength agents are designed to attach to anionic fibers.



The efficiency of these charge attachments is directly connected to the efficiency of the papermaking process: fixing agent accidentally adsorbed to fibers for example will subdue the fibers’ ability to take strength agents. This in turn means, that measuring the charge to understand how materials interact, permits to optimize these interactions and as such, optimize the entire process.

BTG offers a portfolio of solutions related to charge management. Different instruments cater for the optimization of fiber charge as well as dissolved charge. And our experts will gladly support you developing your individual charge management concept.


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  • BTG’s Mütek lab devices create cost savings through optimized chemical dosage and reliable, stable operation
  • A new, fast and accurate method to optimize polymer dosage for dewatering processes in ‘ effluent treatment
  • BTG’s Mütek PCD opens up new options for measurement of grain products, raw materials, additives and finished products

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