Energy Efficiency Activity

At BTG, we are creating and implementing solutions that help our customers reduce their energy consumption…

…But we are also concerned about reducing our own energy footprint!

In the past years, BTG production plants have been taking actions to be more energy efficient. Here are some examples of what has happened in our main production plant in Switzerland:
… the electrical energy used in the factory is coming from electric supplier producing from 100% renewable sources
… the cooling process of our manufacturing equipment has been completely renewed, for estimated savings of 230MWh/year
… the manufacturing heating system of the factory has been fully changed to be a heating and cooling system that recovers and reuses energy from our manufacturing equipment, leading to energy savings of about 150 MWh/year
… the plastic used to wrap products for sea freight shipments has been replaced by sustainable anti-moisture paper.

And more to come ! And you, what are you doing to reduce your own carbon footprint?


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