BTG introduces the SPM, a key building block for fiber morphology solutions

The BTG Single Point Morphology (SPM-5550) is the newest addition to the BTG portfolio, providing valuable information to better understand fibers. It is an online Morphology analyser, measuring several fiber properties including length, surface, kink and shives content.

The SPM-5550 is mounted directly to the fiber processing pipe and contains all unit operations of the traditional multi-point Morphology analyser, the result being a much faster measurement frequency to support 4.0 solutions.

It is the key building block of many solutions in the areas of pulping, graphic paper, packaging and tissue. Solutions incorporating the SPM have been demonstrated to impact key performance indicators such as fiber costs, energy costs, chemical costs and product quality.

Learn more about the importance of fiber morphology.

For more information, please contact:

Estelle Meyer 

BTG Eclépens S.A