Gas Analyzer

Analyzer detecting free and dissolved gas in a papermaking process

The GAS-60 Gas Analyzer measures online both free air and dissolved gas by a sequential sampling and analysis technique. Paper, board and tissue making processes have become a lot more foamy due to excessive air mixed in from recycled furnishes, high turbulence operations and dissolved carbon dioxide gas released from calcium carbonate, commonly used as a filler and coating.

  • Closed loop control of deaerator and defoamer chemicals
  • Monitor gradual or sudden changes in gas levels
  • Prevent from pinholes and machine deposits

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  • Bring foaming under control
  • Apply the deaerator and defoamer chemicals as needed
  • Optimize chemical dosages for better operation and cost saving
  • Prevent from pinholes and machine deposits


System requirements
The instrument is intended for indoor use at temperatures in the range of 5 °C to 50 °C (41 °F – 122 °F). It is rated for voltages of 115 – 230 VAC at 50 Hz / 60 Hz.

Sample Specification
Aqueous samples with up to 3 % consistency, pH 3 – 10, at temperatures of 20 – 70 °C [68 – 158 °F] and a pressure of 8 bar [115 psi] (relative).

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