Lifecycle management & maintenance

Lifecycle management & maintenance

Gas Analyzer

Always in good shape


  • Certified maintenance securing operational readiness
  • CAL Check- or LAB Check program for correct results
  • Maintenance and repair workshops worldwide

Lifecycle management

  • Bring instruments back to latest technology and add new functions
  • ConsistencyCare and KappaKare program for sustainability of results
  • Extent instrument‘s life time

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CAL Check

Make the most use of your installed base! With BTG‘s CAL Check™ program you can rely on correct results because the sensor is installed where it should, hardware and software work flawlessly, process conditions are under control and calibration is right. Everything needs a tune-up once in a while.


ConsistencyCare™ is BTG’s program to upgrade your existing MEK-2X rotating consistency transmitters to MEK-2500 at a BTG authorized service center. This initiative maximizes the lifetime of your consistency transmitters at the lowest possible cost, allowing you to utilize expensive capital in other critical areas.


KappaKare™ is a lifecycle management program by BTG to enhance reliability of installed Kappa instrumentation by upgrading in stages and focusing on the most critical points.

LAB Check

To guarantee reliable measurements from the start every Mütek laboratory instrument undergoes thorough testing before leaving the factory. Yet it is BTG’s maintenance program LAB Check™ which keeps your laboratory device in perfect working order year after year. Is yours still in good shape?

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