A clever alternative for accurate fiber consistency control

Accurate consistency control of the stock has a big importance in successful pulp, paper, board or tissue machine operations. This is a key element in mass flow and water consumption management of the mills. Fiber consistency has even a great significance because it is directly related to the principal raw material to make paper or tissue and because it influences basis weight stability and consequently quality and productivity.

When it comes to the choice of the right consistency transmitter for a consistency control loop, several parameters must be taken into consideration, and we know there is not a one size fits all transmitter. Some specific process conditions and requirements will lead to the selection of an appropriate technology. We propose here to describe a unique technology developed by BTG, the amplitude method consistency measurement. Available on the market for several years, it has demonstrated its advantages in multiple cases with very good feedback from papermakers.

The following principle about consistency transmitters is often heard in the mills: everything is fine as long as they don’t stand out! If it is true the consistency sensors can do the job for years without trouble, when consistency control problems appear or are finally discovered, the importance of consistency gets back on top of things. And then it’s not only the transmitter that must be diagnosed but the complete control loop including process conditions, pulp mixing, dilution line, etc… to find the root cause of the consistency control issue.

Whether it is a new or an existing installation, consistency control can be challenged by different process issues. Let’s highlight some of them that are commonly met.

Process challenges

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