BTG sensors are virtually connected

BTG is pleased to announce that all sensors are now supplied with the bCONNECT™ module, permitting them to be virtually connected and attaining all the benefits of Industry 4.0.

bCONNECT is an edge technology, enabling application experts to have cloud-connectivity and remote access to diagnose problems, permitting near-immediate identification of measurement or calibration issues and enhancement of predictive maintenance functionalities.

With these capabilities, BTG is able to further increase the availability and capability of all its sensors.

“Reliable and available process measurement is vital to building any successful digital program” comments Dan
Smith, Global Business Director for Process Solutions. “This innovation further supports our customers ability to
extract value from digitalization efforts”

View the BTG bCONNECT – YouTube

For more information, please contact:

Estelle Meyer
BTG Eclépens S.A


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