BTG celebrates its 100th anniversary

BTG is celebrating 100 years in 2021, marking a century of serving the pulp and paper industry with innovative tools, products and solutions. To commemorate the occasion BTG is launching a marketing campaign reemphasizing the values that have guided and that will continue to guide the company forward: innovation and customer-focus.

The history of BTG started in Säffle (Sweden), where the chemical engineer Dr Torsten Källe invented a “regulator” to automate the process of controlling temperature and load in several areas of the sulfite factory he was working in. The idea was a tremendous success and in 1921, Torsten Källe created his company to launch the regulator.

Over the years the original company merged and acquired additional competencies and capabilities: AB Inventing in 1985 with its portfolio of high-performing blades, Mütek in 2001 with its strong experience in process solutions, IPI in 2006 with the offering of metering rods and beds, and Capstone in 2016 with leading software for advanced controls and data visualization. “With the experience and expertise we have gained over the years, we are able to offer our customers holistic and complementary solutions. We have the ability to leverage a complete set of tools to help them transform their operations and provide sustainable gains in their business performance” says Rob Crossman, BTG President.

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