BTG to supply Industry 4.0 solutions package to Pehart group

BTG and Pehart Group have announced the start-up of an innovative program designed to provide the Pehart Group with Industry 4.0 tools as well as industry-leading tissue expertise and services. The goal is to improve the Pehart manufacturing processes from stock preparation to end converting through sustainable continuous improvements.

The BTG approach includes FiberMAX® auditing services and dataPARC® data management software. Key deliverables include solid foundations around process measurement and control as well as real-time data analysis, allowing easier identification of process improvement opportunities.

FiberMAX consists of a full review of the furnish mass flows, analyzing consistency control loops to identify improvement opportunities and outlining the proper steps to ensure control loops are healthy. With FiberMAX, variations within key unit operations are reduced, thanks to a combination of addressing process measurement and control. This supports process and end quality stability.

dataPARC is able to retrieve data from multiple sources as well as visualize critical information, all in real time. Software features and functionality include center lining, drag and drop multi-box trending, downtime analysis, SPC, consumption reporting (fiber, key chemicals, utilities), smart alarms, dashboards and process graphics.

In addition to these solutions, BTG is also providing extensive tissue expertise and knowledge to get the most out of every fiber, expanding program reach to tissue softness and quality stability.

“Our goal is to continue to partner with the Pehart Group and provide them with cutting edge digital solutions to improve their operations and bottom-line performance. The investments we are making in this space combined with our broad capabilities will provide the opportunity for continuous improvement and mutual profitable growth for both organizations for many years to come”, says Rob Crossman, BTG President.

”Our purpose is to have a high-quality end product so that our brands Pufina, Altessa, Alint, the private label products and jumbo reels would be among the top European products in their categories. In this development we need strong and skilled partners and BTG has been one for several years. They have proven to be able to support us in quality and operational performance, therefore it was easy to choose them to start this project together”, says Cristian Silas, Director of Tissue Production Pehart Group.

BTG Group is a multinational provider of integrated, highly specialized process solutions for the global pulp and paper industry. BTG is committed to help its customers achieve significant, sustainable gains in business performance.

Pehart Group – With an almost 185-year tradition, Pehart Group is one of the largest paper producers in Southeast Europe. The company that started as an entrepreneurial business is present with its household and industrial products in 18 central, eastern, and southern European countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, the Republic of Moldova, Germany). Pufina, one of the most popular brands, Alint and Altessa are part of Pehart portfolio. The company also produces jumbo rolls, huge paper rolls used in the process of conversion into paper products for household and industrial use. The company is majority owned by Abris Capital Partners, a leading independent private equity fund manager, focused on mid-market opportunities in the major countries of Central Europe established in 2007.

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