BTG is launching the latest Mutek™ charge measurement device

The PCD (Particle Charge Detector) provides valuable information on the charge of colloidal dissolved substances in an aqueous solution. Reliable measurement of charge and insights into how different materials are interacting, enables the optimization of various industrial processes including wet end chemistry in paper making.

This 6th generation PCD (PCD-06) provides enhanced features including a new and compact design, faster measurement, a larger state of the art display, and easier handling.

The first BTG PCD was created in the mid-1980s and since the initial launch, over 5000 units have been sold throughout the world. BTG remains a leader in charge measurement.

BTG offers a full portfolio of solutions related to charge management, including laboratory and online versions. BTG’s process experts provide valuable support to maximize the value of these technologies in optimization. Other well recognized BTG instruments used in charge measurement include SZP (zeta potential) and SPC (the on-line version of the PCD). More can be found in the dedicated brochure.

Learn more about the importance of charge management.

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Estelle Meyer
BTG Eclépens S.A

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