The importance of consistency

BTG raises the importance of consistency control in pulp and paper industry. Accurate consistency control is fundamental to achieve process stability and to reach higher performance goals with ongoing deployment of digitalization solutions.

In the shadow of the large pulp and paper process components and infrastructures, some transmitters operate 24/7, sometimes in very tough process conditions, and deliver an essential information for process understanding and control: consistency – or the “thickness” of the mixture. Let’s shine a light on it.

While energy and raw materials costs are prevailing as well as environmental considerations, pulp, paper, and tissue makers recognize consistency’s importance to the process, and its ultimate effect on profitability. An unstable process affects both quality and productivity. Accurate consistency control is fundamental to achieve process stability because it sets the base for measurement and control of so many other variables in fiber lines, stock preparations and wet-end of paper or tissue machines.

This importance is even reinforced with the development of new software-based solutions for control and optimization. Fortunately, these innovations also bring advanced solutions for improving consistency control management.

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