BTG FiberMAX® – a Solution to gain profitability by focusing on mass flow variations

FiberMAX is a diagnostic service provided by BTG to identify opportunities to reduce fiber cost and variability, including stabilizing paper quality. In the papermaking process, the control loops for fiber mass flow are crucial for stable production and operations. Fiber furnish needs to be delivered to the headbox with as little variability as possible, otherwise, high fiber, additive and energy costs can result.

FiberMAX includes a thorough survey of all furnish consistency control positions, based on a holistic view of the process. Process measurements, sampling and calibration, and control loop performance are being evaluated and compared to best-practice benchmarks. The FiberMAX team identifies sources of variability and outlines detailed recommendations for improvements. Since FiberMAX is a flexible diagnostic tool, it can be applied to any type of paper production line and paper grade.

Over the last few years, FiberMAX has been utilized in various pulp and paper mills all over the world, and has proven to be a very valuable starting point for many improvement projects, including Industry 4.0.

Learn more about FiberMAX in this brochure, or contact us if you have any questions.

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